Meet Sue

I am Sue Budd. I have lived in three different neighborhoods in St. Louis Park for my entire adult life. I grew up in Bloomington MN and attended college at the Carlson School of Business at the Twin Cities campus of University of MN. I joined my first union (CWA) and spent several years breaking the glass ceiling in the business world, until my responsibilities as a foster mom inspired me to pursue a new career in the non-profit sector -- allowing me to be home more. For the past ten years I have worked in racial equity and community organizing. I have advocated with marginalized people in the school system, within social services, in criminal justice systems and more.

The ISAIAH team I've helped create right here in St. Louis Park has already advanced affordable housing projects, stood in solidarity for renters rights, and explored collaboration with STEP, the school district and the police. We have asked county, state and city officials tough questions about creating a multiracial democracy in public forums with hundreds of constituents. All in the first year and a half since we began organizing the team. I am also an active member of the Suburban Hennepin Housing Coalition and the St. Louis Park Community Housing Team.

Here you can find more information about my platform and my experience as a community organizer.

Sue and new pup, Smokey

Sue's son and grandson

Sue and her husband Dave