Sue Budd


St. Louis Park

City Council Ward 3

For an Equitable St. Louis Park

If our goal is to build a multi-racial democracy, we each need to become responsible actors in multi-racial politics. Our city government is our most precious building block for developing democratic politics grounded in the dignity of each human being. Our actions as citizens do matter, we can create our future together. It is here that we demonstrate the viability of democratic self-government with real politics, with real people, in real places. It is on our city's streets that I am meeting so many wonderful people with rich stories. I'm proud to be running for city council in Ward 3.

Why Am I Running?

I am running because I believe people in St. Louis Park, no matter our differences, want pretty similar things -- a safe place to call home, a community that helps sustain the earth instead of harming it, and a neighborhood where all people are welcome regardless of race, religion or income. I am very inspired by the leadership St. Louis Park has taken in creating an equitable community, and I want to keep up the momentum. Light rail through the core of our city will provide myriad opportunities to live our values. I want to help St. Louis Park, as a first-ring suburb, continue to innovate and be a model for other cities in the metro area as we strive to build a caring economy and a community where all people can thrive.

When I learned Rachel Harris was not seeking reelection in Ward 3, I knew it was time to take all the work I've been doing to expand affordable housing, to advance zero waste and a sustainable environment and to put racial equity at the center of policy decisions to a new level in our city's government. My neighbors in Ward 3 have been working side by side with me to make our vision a reality and a seat on the city council is the perfect next step to solidify our work.

Learn more about me, my vision for St. Louis Park and my experience as a community organizer that will help make this vision a reality.

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